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Whitaker Auto Repair Professional Auto Maintenance: Crash Avoidance Systems

Posted on October 15,15 by truck2

All new cars and light trucks now come with electronic stability control. This crash avoidance system joins others like traction control and anti-lock brakes to help make vehicles safer and better able to assist GRAND ISLAND auto owners to avoid a crash. Some vehicles come equipped with adaptive cruise control that will slow the vehicle when there is slower traffic ahead. Others have lane change sensors that will gently steer the vehicle to stay in its lane. Some vehicles will even apply the brakes if they detect that a crash is imminent. These revolutionary systems utilize computers to analyze data from various sensors around the vehicle. When the computer detects that the auto is unstable or that a crash is possible, the computer will intervene: applying brakes, adjusting steering, disengaging the cruise control, cutting engine power and so on.

Even the more basic, mandated stability control systems can do a lot to help keep your vehicle under control and avoid an accident. These electronic systems are not considered wear items – meaning that there is no routine maintenance required. However, all electronic crash avoidance systems rely on mechanical components that do need to be in good working order.

When a vehicle rolls out the factory door, it has brand new tires, brakes, suspension, shocks and struts and steering components. This means that all of this hardware is in excellent condition – probably the best overall condition it will ever have. Tires will have maximum grip, shocks and struts will provide maximum body control, and brakes will have their best stopping power; for example.

This means two things. First, overall vehicle control is already highly optimized so an event that would trigger a crash avoidance system intervention is less likely. It also means that once a crash avoidance system steps in – it has high-traction tires, effective brakes and strong body to work with to help maintain vehicle control and avoid an impact.

Conversely, worn tires, suspension, shocks and struts, brakes and steering components mean that a crash avoidance intervention is not only more likely, but that the crash avoidance systems have to work more aggressively to help maintain vehicle control.

So, as amazing as crash avoidance systems are, we still need to make sure we are maintaining the important wear items so that they are in the best position to work properly. Replace all vital parts of your crash avoidance system when necessary. These include: worn tires to maintain proper road contact in any weather condition; shocks and struts – in order to maintain designed ride control; Brake pads, shoes, and fluid – keeping your brake system in good working order; and inspecting suspension and steering components.

The crash avoidance system is really a modern marvel for GRAND ISLAND drivers. Give it the tools it needs to do its job by staying on top of the underlying mechanical systems. Ask your Whitaker Auto Repair service specialist if there is anything that should be fixed to keep your crash avoidance system functioning as it was designed to do.

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